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got HEPA units?

ABOUT DOP/PAO Testing Specialists

We are an on-site HEPA testing and recertification company. We help you insure that you HEPA filtered equipment is maintaining its certified efficiency.

Need Your ANSI Recertifications?

Outsourcing your portable HEPA equipment testing and recertifications with DOP/PAO Testing Specialists, will help your company reduce your operational costs, while maintaining equipment readiness and your facility's compliance. We will 'come to you' with our portable testing 'lab' and perform our testing/recertifications operations at your facility to minimize any shipping and transportation issues.

We are a young and growing company that looks forward to working in the nuclear and cleanroom industry for many years to come...

HEPA Equipment Testing/Recertification Services

DOP/PAO Testing Specialists is an industry leader in challenge media testing (PAO) of HEPA installed equipment.We have over 60 years of service in the nuclear industry in radiological engineering, controls and compliance.


Our staff and technicians are qualified and trained to perform all aspects of challenge media testing (PAO) and recertifications on all types of HEPA filtered equipment. Their qualifications and training in challenge media testing is in accordance with the recommendations, standards and methods contained in ASME N510-2007 (Testing of Nuclear AIr Systems). Our program also meets the requirements contained in the Department of Energy's Radiological Controls Manual.


Our testing equipment is state of the art and provided by Air Techniques International (ATI). ATI has been in this field since 1961 and is always on the cutting edge of new technologies and testing methods for many different industries. The ATI 2i Photometer, that we use in our testing operations, is compatible with the ASME N509, ASME N510, ASME N511 and ASME AG-1 standards.

Upon completion of testing/recertification services you will be provided with sufficient equipment documentation to demonstrate your compliance with ASME N510 requirements for each individual unit in your inventory. We also maintaina customer database and track your individual equipment testing/recertifications that we have performed.

Generally, the value of facility owned HEPA equipment is in the range of $90K - $200K+ so it pays to ensure that your HEPA equipment is operating within their required parameters.

This will also ensure no employee personnel safety or radiation protection issues, when using your equipment.

No job is too big or small - we can customize a plan to get your certifications completed!



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